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A hub for the digitalization of data from safety devices

| By Gerald Ondrey

Whether in the engineering of large and distributed automation projects, in the diagnosis of faults or in regular testing, the specification, configuration and maintenance of safety devices in process plants requires effort and careful attention. If new functions are added to components of safety devices, time-consuming recertification was traditionally necessary. The next version of SILworX (photo) helps to reduce this effort through consistent digitalization and new functions in order to simplify these tasks. A distinction is made between core functions for programming safety controllers and Industry 4.0 functions. New functions that are not safety-related can be integrated using modular plug-ins via an interface that does not affect the core safety-rated SILworX functions. This modular structure makes it possible to digitalize automation processes quickly and flexibly. — HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH, Brühl, Germany