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A new explosion-isolation device with patented features

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

The Interceptor-QV explosion-isolation device (photo) uses a patented system where a differential pressure switch continuously monitors the pressure drop across the mesh cartridge, alerting operators if buildup of dust occurs on the mesh. The core feature of the Interceptor-QV is the stainless-steel mesh cartridge, which is based on this company’s flameless quench tubes. If a deflagration propagates through the clean return line, it will make contact with the mesh cartridge, which will immediately and passively remove energy from the flame front of the deflagration as it passes through the torturous path of the mesh. This forces the flame to transfer its energy to the high surface area of the mesh, thereby quenching the deflagration and not allowing any flame to pass beyond the Interceptor-QV. Another patented feature of the Interceptor-QV is an integrated thermocouple (TC), which, when exposed to the intense heat of a deflagration, will indicate, via relay, that the system has been involved in an event. — CV Technology, Jupiter, Fla.