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A new, low-volume biowaste-treatment system

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

The MicroEDS BioWaste Treatment System (photo) was recently introduced for biologically hazardous waste decontamination, typically required in the biopharmaceutical sector, laboratories and research institutes. The low-volume system is certified to ASME and ISO/EN standards for treating BSL 1, 2 and 3 waste using a batch process. MicroEDS includes a number of major technical advances, including thermal energy regeneration, low energy usage, 100% positive release for treated waste and electronic-records generation. The MicroEDS has been developed to fit into new lines or to be retrofitted into existing facilities. The system is designed to operate at a thermal treatment parameter of 121°C for 15 min, as well as variable temperature, time and F0 lethality settings, for specific requirements. With capacities varied to suit a wide range of waste volume from 150 to 500 L/d, the MicroEDS is supplied with controls and interlocking functionality to ensure containment is constantly maintained and there is always a positive release prior to discharge of treated waste. — Suncombe Ltd., Enfield, Middlesex, U.K.