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A next-generation system to reduce fire and gas hazards

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

The new HazardWatch FX-12 fire and gas system (photo) is designed to help process and plant engineers reduce hazard vulnerability while meeting demanding safety standards in hazardous industries, including oil-and-gas production, tanker loading and unloading, petrochemical refining and storage, pipelines and gas compressor stations, hydrogen production, electric power generation, automotive and pharmaceutical manufacturing. The HazardWatch FX-12 System is designed with an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix programmable logic controller (PLC) technology and advanced gas- and flame-detection field devices. Allen-Bradley DLR-enabled communication protocols allow secure integration with other products. A complete solution in a single system, the HazardWatch FX-12 System includes: a standalone local fire and gas alarm panel with touchscreen operator interface; a redundant power supply to support the fire and gas system according to NFPA 72; easy integration with third-party auxiliary devices, such as horns, beacons and fire suppression systems; and FM-approved EtherNet/IP system communications. The HazardWatch FX-12 can accommodate up to 12 field devices per alarm panel, with the capability to network up to 12 panels. — MSA Safety, Inc., Cranberry Township, Pa.