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A smaller AODD model is added to this pump product range

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

The extensive range of Finnish Thompson FTI air-operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps has recently been expanded with the addition of a new 0.25-in. non-metallic model, the FT025 (photo), available in polypropylene, polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and conductive polypropylene for use in ATEX areas. The FT025 model delivers a maximum flowrate of 22 L/min (5.8 gal/min) at a maximum air-supply pressure of 120 psi (8.3 bars). The FT025 extends the minimum flow capabilities of AODD pump for a wider range of pumping applications. Furthermore, FT025 pumps are suited to handling abrasive, viscous and shear-sensitive liquids and even “dirty” liquids, with particles up to 1.8 mm (0.06 in.) in diameter. Typical applications will include handling acids, bases, plating solutions, wastewater, paints, inks, solvents, ceramic slip and glaze, lubricants and oils. The FT025 includes a unique lube-free air valve design, which means that significantly fewer components are used compared to other air valves, resulting in reduced servicing time and the associated maintenance costs and downtime. The air valve components include a low-friction slide valve on a ceramic plate to allow for long lifetime and superior sealing, and a molded Buna rubber gasket that ensures total sealing and eliminates flat gasket tearing. — Michael Smith Engineers Ltd., Woking, U.K.