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This AODD is equipped with an efficient air-distribution system

| By Chemical Engineering

Wilden Pump and Engineering

Wilden Pump and Engineering

Stallion Original Metal air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump models are powered by the energy-efficient Pro-Flo Shift Air Distribution System (ADS). The Pro-Flo Shift incorporates an air-control spool that automatically restricts the amount of air going into the pump during the latter part of each stroke, which eliminates over-filling of the air chamber and results in reduced air consumption. By optimizing air consumption, the Pro-Flo Shift lowers energy and operating costs, achieving up to 60% savings over competitive AODD pump technologies, says the company. The new Stallion Series pumps are available in three sizes. Flowrates range from 307 to 764 L/min. — Wilden Pump and Engineering, Grand Terrace, Calif.