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Barcode scanner for use in hazardous areas

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

The IS-TH1 (photo) is said to be the first handheld barcode scanner for use in hazardous areas and other industrial environments. The new device incorporates scanning technology from Zebra, and has been developed for two ranges. A mid-range variant scans up to 6 m and an extended-range variant scans over 15 m. Data capture uses Zebra’s reliable imager-scan engines, which offer unmatched decoding times and advanced barcode-processing capabilities. The IS-TH1 becomes a multi-function mobile device when combined with the company’s IS530.x smartphone. To use the handheld barcode scanner, it must be connected to the smartphone and, through this connection, requires neither Bluetooth nor a separate battery. Power and data are generated by the IS530.x with 13-pin ISM interface (connection option for RSM, PTT headset, among others) as if via a mobile computer and processed at top speed. Thanks to the HID factory setting, the captured 1D/2D barcode is immediately recognized and processed as a keyboard input. — Mobile GmbH, Lauda-Koenigshofen, Germany