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Black & Veatch joins Ammonia Energy Association

By Mary Page Bailey |

Black & Veatch (B&V; Overland Park, Kan.) has joined the Ammonia Energy Association, an influential advocate of responsible ammonia use in a sustainable energy economy. As an industry leader in advancing decarbonization, Black & Veatch – experts in ammonia-related projects – sees an expanding role for the chemical compound in a low-carbon landscape.

As the role of hydrogen in the green energy economy continues to expand, Black & Veatch also sees a growing case for ammonia beyond its traditional role in fertilizer production. Made up of one nitrogen and three hydrogen atoms, ammonia – a gas at room temperature – is more energy dense than pure hydrogen, incredibly stable and can be easily liquified for storage and shipment around the globe in the same fashion as liquefied natural gas (LNG).  Ammonia then can be used in multiple energy-intensive industries, to produce electricity or to produce other green chemicals, making its capacity for meaningfully lowering our carbon footprint limitless.

 “Through membership in the Ammonia Energy Association, we look forward to working with other sustainability-focused companies to find applications for ammonia that will accelerate the transition to a carbon-free society,” said Hoe Wai Cheong, President of Black & Veatch’s oil and gas business. “This syncs perfectly with our company decarbonization commitments, and we’re eager to collaborate with the group’s members to broaden the use of ammonia for cleaner, greener energy.”

Founded 16 years ago, the Ammonia Energy Association (AEA) trade association, with members spanning the ammonia energy industry, believes decarbonized ammonia production leads to launching new markets in fuel and energy applications.  As a recognized thought leader and a global network of ammonia energy stakeholders, the AEA believes the ammonia energy story is largely mature, with dozens of pilot and demonstration projects either operational or being developed.

“The energy transition is evolving rapidly, and ammonia is increasingly recognized as the large-scale enabler of hydrogen in a decarbonized society,” said Trevor Brown, the Ammonia Energy Association’s executive director. “I am delighted to welcome Black & Veatch as a new member of the AEA now, bringing its expertise in ammonia and energy infrastructure to our membership, because the world is ready to push these clean energy ideas into practice. The technologies are mature — it’s time for the engineering and construction to begin.”

In championing the merits of renewable energy and a decarbonized world, Black & Veatch is strengthening its sustainability vision with new pledges announced Nov. 12 that align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and global best practices. The company’s pledges will address a range of environmental and business practices, including carbon neutrality by 2025, water usage, diversity and inclusion, anti-corruption and more.

The company earlier announced that it is ending its participation in new coal-based power design and construction to focus on clean energy technologies and help clients accelerate their path to net zero.

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