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Chemours announces participation in Versogen’s development of clean hydrogen technology

| By Mary Bailey

The Chemours Company (Wilmington, Del.) announced its participation in a fundraising for Wilmington, Delaware-based Versogen Inc., a leader in developing anion exchange membrane (AEM) technology for use in hydrogen production. Founded by University of Delaware professor Yushan Yan, Versogen’s AEM technology offers a reliable and affordable way to produce green hydrogen at scale.

Green hydrogen is the most promising alternative fuel to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in transportation and other industries that primarily rely on fossil fuels. When produced through water electrolysis and powered by renewable energy, large amounts of green hydrogen can be made while generating zero emissions. This process is essential to the clean energy transition and meeting global decarbonization goals.

“Chemours is passionate about the potential of the hydrogen economy and our role in it, and we’re constantly looking for opportunities to accelerate innovation and new technologies for clean energy,” said Denise Dignam, President, Advanced Performance Materials for Chemours. “We’re excited to participate in Versogen to help power their continued scale-up and to have the opportunity to collaborate with a start-up in our backyard to understand better the synergies between AEM technology and our Nafion™ ion exchange membranes in green hydrogen production.”

As part of Chemours’ commitment to innovative and responsible chemistry that enables the sustainable products of the future, we are collaborating across the value chain to deliver advanced solutions that solve some of our customers’ and partners’ biggest challenges. As part of those efforts, Chemours is also a steering member of the Hydrogen Council and joined Hydrogen Europe and the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance to help realize the potential of hydrogen’s role in the global energy transition.