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Chemours begins commissioning new mineral sand mine in Florida

| By Mary Bailey

The Chemours Co. (Wilmington, Del.) announced it has begun commissioning its newest mineral sand mine, Trail Ridge South in Clay County, Florida. The new mining operation represents a $93 million investment that will create approximately 50 new jobs in the three-county area.

Commissioning work to test operational aspects of the new mine has begun, with startup anticipated later this year. Expansion of its mining operations will allow Chemours—the only domestic producer of titanium and zirconium minerals and one of only two domestic producers of rare earth minerals—to have additional access to these high-quality concentrated deposits used to produce Chemours’ Ti-Pure brand of titanium dioxide (TiO₂).

“The commissioning of our new Trail Ridge South mine is much more than an operational milestone—it represents a huge win for our customers, community, and our country,” said Jody Sciance, co-director of Minerals Operations for Chemours. “This secure, domestic mineral supply means more tons of TiO₂ for our pigment customers, more jobs for Clay County residents, and access to critical materials identified by the U.S. Department of the Interior as vital to our nation’s security and economic prosperity—all with minimal impact on our local environment. We are extremely proud to expand our footprint in Florida and look forward to partnering with this community for years to come.”

“Clay Economic Development Council is very proud to support quality employers like Chemours, who provide high quality and high-wage jobs for our community, while performing this essential work. We are proud to have Chemours as a partner in our community,” said Crawford Powell, Clay County Economic Development Corporation President. Clay County and the surrounding region is a key domestic source of critical minerals that are used for aerospace and defense applications because of their light weight and high strength. They are also used in high-tech magnets and electronic components that enable clean energy and evolving digital economy, and for coatings, plastics, and laminates critical to infrastructure, automotive and energy applications.

The facility will be incorporating Mobile Mining Units (MMUs) that address environmental concerns with traditional dredge mining. The MMUs allow the site to have much lower emissions, reduced dust levels, and improved safety by removing conventional hauling trucks. In addition, the Trail Ridge South facility will recycle 98% of its water used in the manufacturing process—providing sustainable solutions while still meeting the company’s commitment to process minerals. Trail Ridge South process water and water treatment ponds are all constructed above ground, with approximately 39 million gallons of storage capacity.