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Chemical Engineering

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Combine multiple steps in a single vacuum mixer-dryer unit

| By Mary Page Bailey

The Bolz conical vacuum mixer-dryer (photo) has been specifically engineered to meet the strictest requirements for vacuum processes by combining multiple processing steps into a single fully enclosed processing system that delivers safer operations by utilizing fixed permanent connections for all aspects of the process. The unit’s applications include drying, de-aeration, crystallization, homogenization, heating, cooling and injection of liquids and gases. The Bolz technology includes orbiting-arm or central shaft agitator designs, a heated agitator to reduce drying times and full clean-in-place (CIP) systems. The low-energy units feature three-dimensional mixing, as well as variable volume filling down to 20% of the unit’s total volume. Sizes range from 1- to 5,000-L working volumes. — Heinkel Drying & Separation Group, Swedesboro, N.J.