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Compact turbine pumps for low flows, high pressures

| By Chemical Engineering

Pump Engineering

Pump Engineering

The MTH range of pumps is ideally suited to applications, such as boiler feed, high-pressure cooling, refrigeration and CIP process. These compact pumps, which are available in direct drive, bareshaft, magnetic drive and canned-rotor options, can replace multistage pumps, generating high heads in only a single stage. This design allows the pump to handle hot liquids, refrigerants, liquefied gases and liquids with entrained air, for example gas-dissolution systems, where the pump will self-vent, carrying air bubbles with the fluid to the discharge port. The standard range of MTH pumps includes models that cover capacities from 1 to 500 L/min and pressures up to 70 bars. Construction materials include iron, bronze and 316 stainless steel. — Pump Engineering Ltd., Littlehampton, U.K.