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Condition monitoring tools for compressor-lubrication systems

| By Chemical Engineering

Compressor Products International

Compressor Products International

The new Proflo USB-IR Adaptor (photo) and Proflo Assist Software provide condition monitoring of reciprocating-compressor lubrication equipment. They read and transfer information from the Proflo PF1 monitoring device, which records the average cycle time for each 30-min block of lubrication-system operation to a laptop, tablet or other USB-equipped device through the use of infrared technology. The Proflo Assist Software presents the cycle-time trend data, delivering condition-based maintenance capabilities. The Proflo PF1 monitors a compressor lubrication system, alerting an operator or engaging shutdown protection based on the cycle time of the system. Realtime access to this information can help technicians intervene and prevent a range of problems, including the extrusion of packing and piston rings, locking of the packing case, valve stiction and more. — Compressor Products International (CPI), Houston