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A control system with a pin-less electromagnetic backplane

| By Tracey Lilly

Bedrock Automation

Bedrock Automation

This company has released a new industrial control system (photo) that features a patented architecture with a pin-less, electromagnetic backplane and embedded cybersecurity. According to the company, this system addresses virtually all control applications with fewer than a dozen part numbers, reducing cyberattack vectors, cutting lifecycle costs, and simplifying engineering, commissioning and maintenance. Furthermore, the system delivers input/output (I/O), power and communications across the pin-less electromagnetic backplane with a parallel architecture that supports fast scan times, regardless of I/O count. The removal of I/O pins improves reliability and increases cybersecurity, while forming a galvanic isolation barrier for every I/O channel. This backplane also allows for the installation of I/O modules in any orientation and location for flexibility in I/O and cable management. — Bedrock Automation, San Jose, Calif.