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Heat Transfer

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Cool and dehumidify conveying air with this heat exchanger

| By Gerald Ondrey

This C Series heat exchanger (photo) replaced an older shell-and-tube design that had high operating costs, due to a 2.4 psi pressure drop. While both old and new units have the same capabilities, the new C Series pressure drop is only 0.1 psi. The lower pressure drop will save 50 hp in power, which translates into energy savings of about $50,000/yr. The housing is constructed from stainless steel. The unit will cool at a rate of 5,000 ft3/min at 12 psi from 250°F to 65°F using 55°F cooling water. Features include a washable metal filter ahead of the cooling core, and an aluminum mist eliminator downstream that is removable and washable. The fin-tube core can be removed from the liquid-connection side of the housing for inspection without disassembling the gas duct. A variety of gas connection sizes and types are available. — Xchanger, Hopkins, Minn.