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CPLANE.ai and ExxonMobil create joint initiative focused on digital infrastructure orchestration

By Mary Page Bailey |

CPLANE.ai (San Carlos, Calif.) announced that it has engaged with ExxonMobil Corp. (Irving, Tex.) in CPLANE.ai’s efforts to accelerate the development of digital infrastructure orchestration for industrial automation systems.  Increasing global competition and cybersecurity risks are driving process industries to create Open Process Automation (OPA) Systems with best-in-class components, simplified management, and improved cybersecurity.  Digital infrastructure orchestration is a critical component of these new, open systems. 

Don Bartusiak, Chief Engineer for Process Control at ExxonMobil Research and Engineering said, “CPLANE.ai’s technology will help ExxonMobil advance our R&D initiative to define a standards-based, open, secure, interoperable process automation architecture.  Through this collaboration, we will gain important data and knowledge on how digital infrastructure can be securely and reliably managed in a multi-vendor, process control system.”

Digital infrastructure orchestration automates the provisioning, monitoring, failure-recovery, and evolution of OPA systems while maintaining continuous operations and network-based cybersecurity.  Steve Bitar, an automation leader at ExxonMobil Research and Engineering, said “moving forward, automation from digital infrastructure orchestration will allow us to integrate new technologies much more quickly and at much greater scale.”

To advance the understanding of digital infrastructure orchestration, CPLANE.ai has created a Digital Infrastructure Test Bed for the development, rapid iteration, and testing of orchestration concepts for OPA systems.  To facilitate this rapid learning process, this activity will leverage ExxonMobil’s insights from internal demonstration OPA systems and CPLANE.ai’s proven orchestration platform that is being extended to meet the unique needs of industrial customers.  The benefits of this project will extend to process industries worldwide by contributing to open standards being developed by the Open Group’s Open Process Automation Forum (OPAF).

CPLANE.ai automates the orchestration of distributed edge computing across a diverse landscape of hardware and software components. CPLANE.ai removes the complexity of provisioning, managing, securing, and evolving distributed systems.   CPLANE.ai’s intelligent software platform automates the coordination and configuration of policies and procedures across multiple layers of distributed cloud infrastructure.  

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