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Detect pipeline leakage via this fiber-optic system

| By Chemical Engineering

Hawk Measurement

Hawk Measurement

This company’s new pipeline leak-detection system (photo) utilizes an infield fiber-optic cable, which not only informs users about the occurrence of a leak, but gives an accurate location of any potential leakage, allowing for extremely rapid assessment and repair. This solution combines multiple measured variables within one cable, such as sound, temperature or vibration, allowing the system to automatically cross-reference and remove false signals. Through the use of multivariable sensing, a single fiber-optic system (FOS) is capable of detecting the following: changes in temperature caused by liquid or gas movement in pipe leaks; sound and vibration from pipe leaks or third-party intrusions; and changes in stress or strain experienced due to pipe bending or loss of support. The FOS monitoring system provides predictive analysis capabilities to allow better-informed decisions to optimize the service life of pipeline assets. It is able to seamlessly integrate into an existing digital-control system or supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and alert operators through a variety of digital protocols. — Hawk Measurement, Lawrence, Mass.