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Heat Transfer

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Efficient cooling of die-cast components with hotspots

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

Demanding die-cast components, such as structural components in the automotive sector (megacastings), place special requirements on the temperature control, in particular on the cooling of so-called hotspots. The jetPulse system (photo) offers a reliable and economical solution for cooling such hotspots in a die-casting die. The jetPulse system offers two unit sizes (30 or 100 L). Up to six multiJet distributors with eight channels each can be connected per unit. These reliably cool up to 64 individual hotspots with pinpoint accuracy and cycle control. The system is supplemented by the flowrate monitoring of each individual channel with the company’s flowControl unit. The system detects problems in individual cooling channels at an early stage and thus avoids costs due to quality problems and rejects at an early stage. — Regloplas AG, St. Gallen, Switzerland