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Equipment and service suppliers remain open during pandemic

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As the chemical process industries (CPI) continue to operate during the current pandemic as part of our critical infrastructure, companies that supply needed equipment and services to the CPI are taking steps to remain open to support them. Here are a number of manufacturers and service companies who have recently announced that they are continuing operations:

[Editor’s note: this post is being updated as we receive information from more companies]

GEA  supplies technology to food processing and other critical infrastructure sectors of the CPI. GEA, for example, offers a suite of digital and virtual solutions to support the pharmaceutical industry as it embraces remote working and travel-free manufacturing. Details can be found on the company website.

BriskHeat manufactures flexible surface heating elements and controls, as well as related accessories. The company is classified as an essential business and is allowed to continue to operate. It supplies to businesses who are at the forefront of the coronavirus pandemic, such as pharmaceutical companies, and to sectors that provide essential goods, such as the semiconductor and food processing industries.  More information about the company’s actions related to the current pandemic can be found on its website.

Fluid Components International (FCI), which supplies measurement technologies for flow, level, temperature and pressure instrumentation, was recognized and confirmed at the U.S. and state of California levels as an essential supplier to multiple essential industries, including water/wastewater treatment, chemicals, refineries, food/beverage, pharmaceutical and more. FCI’s procurement and purchasing teams took action proactively several months ago, and continue to take extra measures daily, that ensure its supply of raw materials to support uninterrupted manufacturing of products for FCI customers. More information about the company’s COVID-19 response can be found on its website.

Thermal Care, a supplier of chillers and related equipment, has been deemed an essential business and has adjusted its office and manufacturing to include working from home and keeping social distancing requirements, while maintaining production capabilities. The company has reached out to its supply chain and all channel partners are reporting minimal to no disruptions and sufficient inventory of components to continue supporting Thermal Care’s manufacturing needs. The company’s COVID-19 message can be found on its website.

Badger Meter reports that it is continuing to operate its business, consistent with all local requirements, regulations and restrictions, in order to provide essential products and services to the industries they serve, which includes water, wastewater, energy and others. The company has posted a COVID-19 update on its website.

Charles Ross & Son Company   has informed us that all ROSS U.S. companies remain fully operational to support critical infrastructure and essential business industries, such as food, pharmaceutical, health, chemical and the U.S. Defense Department during this critical time. More information can be found on its website.

Filtration Technology Corporation (FTC), based in Houston, has adapted its operations to maintain critical manufacturing output. FTC manufactures filtration and separation products that are essential for maintaining proper operations in a variety of industries, including natural gas processing and transmission, oil refining, power generation, industrial manufacturing, water treatment, and food and beverage. These industries are critical to the supply chain of essential needs; some of the many examples include PPE, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics, toilet paper, transportation fuels, power, and food and beverage packaging. More details of its announcement during this time is on FTC’s website.

Proco Products, Inc. in California is continuing service to its customers as it also continues to monitor the latest requirements as they relate to the pandemic.  

Indeck is continuing to serve its customers with emergency equipment rentals, such as its boilers, service and parts.

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