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Evonik expands rubber silanes production in China

| By Mary Bailey

Evonik Industries AG (Essen, Germany) has expanded and started production at its rubber silanes plant, Evonik Lanxing (Rizhao) Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. This state-of-the-art facility, a joint venture between Evonik Industries AG, DEG (Deutsche Investitions-und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH), and Rizhao Lanxing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., is strategically located in the Rizhao Lanshan Chemical Industrial Park in Shandong province. The expanded plant is specifically designed to meet the growing demand for sustainable solutions within the global tire and rubber industry.

Evonik Expansao Silanos China

This expansion reinforces Evonik’s global rubber silanes production network and commitment to tire and rubber industries (Source: Evonik)

The expansion of the regional product portfolio substantially increases capacity and provides a stable supply for customers with demand for liquid and solid rubber silane products. The regional production footprint was enlarged with grades previously produced only in Evonik’s European production sites. This capacity expansion further strengthens Evonik’s production network for tire silanes, solidifying its commitment to supporting the evolving needs of its customers in the tire and rubber industries worldwide.

With a focus on sustainability and efficiency, the expanded plant has implemented advanced technology during the manufacturing process. The facility and technology is upgraded to reduce waste and side reactions while increasing product purity. Additionally, the plant will feature reduced carbon emissions, increased automation, and improved auxiliary facilities, including a wastewater pre-treatment plant.

“The expansion represents our continuous efforts to promote sustainability in China,” says Fuliang Xia, president of Evonik Greater China. “We are able to better serve local customers from the tire industry with high-value, sustainable solutions. Furthermore, we are also contributing to the country’s green development agenda through reducing our footprint in production.”

Head of business line Silanes, Peter Friesenhahn, further emphasizes the benefits of the expanded plant, stating, “The expanded production capacity, coupled with cutting-edge technology, ensures a stable and dependable product supply while facilitating our collaborative efforts with customers and partners to achieve sustainability goals in the silanes market.”

Alongside the existing sulfur-functional silane Si 69 and the solid silane admixture X 50-S produced on site, the product range will now also produce grades such as Si 75, Si 266 as well as the corresponding admixtures X 75-S and X 266-S. This expanded portfolio underscores Evonik’s commitment to sustainability while optimizing tire and rubber properties like low rolling resistance, high abrasion resistance, high mechanical properties such as tensile strength and low compression set.

Evonik continues to forge ahead in delivering sustainable solutions and remains dedicated to supporting the tire and rubber industries through innovation, expansion, and strategic partnerships.