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Extreme pumping tasks solved with this ceramic vortex pump

| By Chemical Engineering



The ceramic RCFKu vortex pump (photo) reliably pumps high-temperature (up to 180°C) fluids of an aggressive nature or those that contain solids. All RCFKu parts that come into contact with fluids, such as the impeller and volute casing, are made of solid Frialit 99.7 material. This aluminum-oxide ceramic is said to be one of the hardest and most wear-resistant materials in ceramic-pump production, and is fully resistant in processes where hydrochloric acid and ferrous chloride are present. RCFKu impellers are made of polymer carbide and are adapted to suit each pumping application. The composite of silicon carbide and vinyl-ester resin is a high-tensile-strength material that is resistant to wear, high temperatures and in media with high levels of solids. — Friatec AG – Division Rheinhütte Pumpen, Wiesbaden, Germany