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This flowmeter automatically synchronizes calibration data

| By Chemical Engineering



The FCB400 (photo) is the latest expansion in the CoriolisMaster product range of mass flowmeters. A new standard-electronics platform offers users up to five configurable communication outputs via optional plug-in modules, and the entirely digital internal-communication system requires no special cabling. The FCB400 flowmeter saves all calibration data, as well as all user-configuration data and totalizers, which are linked to the sensor in a non-detachable way. This automatic function synchronizes configuration data in the sensor and the transmitter after power has been switched on. It duplicates configuration data, storing it in a permanent memory, ensuring data synchronization during maintenance. Many specific software packages are available for applications such as filling, density-based concentration determination and more. The FCB400 model is optionally available in a hygienic model, the FCH400, for use in the food and beverage industry. — ABB, Zurich, Switzerland