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This fluid-bed dryer has an enhanced conveying surface

| By Chemical Engineering

The Witte Co.

The Witte Co.

This company’s vibrating fluid-bed dryers (photo) are engineered with a series of proprietary design innovations that protect and maintain particle size and shape during processing to prevent costly product attrition. Featuring a narrow-slot, wedgewire conveying surface that provides uniform air distribution and maximum heat transfer, these dryers are said to provide several benefits versus drilled-hole deck designs, which create pockets of high- and low-velocity air, invite clogging and allow product to leak through the conveying surface. These systems also include the company’s signature vibrating action set at a low frequency and amplitude to minimize impact on the product and provide supplemental movement that ensures the product gently advances downstream in a first-in, first-out treatment and arrives at the discharge within planned drying specifications. — The Witte Co., Washington, N.J.