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Focus on Corrosion Protection

By Gerald Ondrey |

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A perfect team for eco-friendly corrosion protection systems

The unique combination of a waterborne zinc-rich primer (Dynasylan SIVO 140) and an ultra-high solid siloxane-hybrid binder (Silikopon EF) formulation combines the most effective corrosion protection (C5 Class) with easy handling in just two layers. This highly effective partnership of perfectly adjusted binders leads to higher productivity by improved curing speed and lower total film thickness. Total costs can be significantly reduced by this two-layer system. Furthermore, it only releases 20 g/m² of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The waterborne binder Dynasylan SIVO 140 was especially designed for use in two-pack zinc-dust paints for application in areas that require heavy-duty corrosion protection (for instance, for overhead power-line utility poles, bridges, exterior ship hulls and industrial facilities). Silikopon EF is a siloxane-epoxy hybrid resin suitable for ultra-high solids, eco-friendly coatings for gloss, color retention and weather resistance during outdoor use. Of particular significance is that it permits the production of non-isocyanate curing two-pack formulations with a very low-VOC content. Silikopon EF allows two-coat corrosion-protection coatings, which can replace the classic three-coat systems by reducing costs for application and total material consumption at the same time. — Evonik Industries AG, Essen, Germany


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