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Focus on Corrosion Protection

By Gerald Ondrey |

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Corrosion protection for steel reinforcement

MasterProtect 8500 CI is a new corrosion inhibitor developed by this company’s scientists after years of research and tests to enhance and complement the broader refurbishment and repair portfolio for concrete. MasterProtect 8500 CI is a dual-function, silane-based corrosion inhibitor that can be applied to the surface of all types of reinforced concrete structures — both new and existing — without changing the appearance of the concrete. The dual functionality of MasterProtect 8500 CI separates it from existing inhibitors, because its unique blend of high-quality silanes, combined with selective corrosion inhibitors ensures long-term protection of the concrete structures, extending their service life. The unique added value of MasterProtect 8500 CI is that it ensures protection also in the case of post-application cracks, as proven by various independent tests. In addition, MasterProtect 8500 CI has a very low viscosity to improve penetration into the concrete over a wide temperature range, a lower VOC content and a higher flash point. — BASF SE, Ludwigshafen, Germany


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