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Focus On: Boiler & Cooling Water Handling

By Dorothy Lozowski  |

Continuously measure chlorine in water

The Model TCL (photo, upper left) is a complete system for the measurement of total chlorine in water. Comprised of a sample conditioning system, an analyzer and a sensor, this system provides continuous measurement and was designed to minimize maintenance requirements and operating costs. The sample conditioning system continuously injects a solution of acetic acid and potassium iodide into the sample. The acid lowers the pH to between 3.5 and 4.5, and allows total chlorine in the sample to react with potassium iodide to produce iodine. The sensor measures the iodine concentration, and the analyzer displays the total oxidant concentration in ppm as Cl2. — Rosemount Analytical, a division of Emerson Process Management, Irvine, Calif.



These chillers use rotational compression technology

The new Pinnacle Series chillers (photo, upper right) feature scroll compressors, brazed plate evaporators and a stainless-steel reservoir tank. Scrolls use 50% fewer moving parts than reciprocating compressors, says the manufacturer. The Pinnacle Series is available in 30 to 100 ton capacities, in both air- and water-cooled packages. A welded one-piece constructed perimeter provides minimal vibrations and includes fork lift slots for easy maneuvering. A standard PLC screen allows control of the following: up to four compressors in two circuits, hour meters to accumulate run time in compressors and/or pumps, chilled-water pumps and alarm condition indicators. The optional advanced PLC provides control over the cooling-tower fans and cooling-tower pumps. — AEC Inc., Wood Dale, Ill.



This valve controls boiler feed-pump recirculation

The Multi-Z, severe-service control valve (photo, right), is designed to handle high-pressure drop applications where entrained solids are a problem. The valve features a multistage trim design that eliminates cavitation and provides extended trim life. The addition of a venturi outlet nozzle provides further trim and seat protection from high velocity, cavitation and flashing. The valve can be installed so that the flow assists either opening or closing. Available in sizes from 1 to 4 in. and in pressure classes from ANSI 300 to 2500, the Multi-Z accommodates diaphragm or piston actuators. The body is available in angle or globe configurations, and in a choice of carbon steel, stainless steel and CrMo steel. — Flowserve Corp., Irving, Tex.



Meter industrial process-fluid or plant-water flow

With its advanced differential-pressure flow technology, the new V2 System flowmeter (photo, upper center) features built-in flow conditioning and requires minimum upstream and downstream straight-run piping when installed. The V2 System can measure flows from 40 to 7,500 gal/min, depending on the line size, and comes ready to install with a built-in 3-way valve that isolates the transmitter from the process-fluid flow for easy maintenance. The system’s design features a centrally located cone inside a tube. The cone interacts with the fluid flow and reshapes the velocity profile to create a lower pressure region immediately downstream. The cone’s central position in the line optimizes the velocity of the liquid flow at the point of measurement. The result is a stable flow profile for measurement accuracy from ±1% with ±0.1% repeatability over a flow range of 10:1. — McCrometer, Hemet, Calif.



Capture waste energy from boiler systems

These packaged boiler blowdown heat-recovery systems recover up to 95% of the heat energy that is normally lost with continuous blowdown separators. The resulting flash steam can be used to preheat boiler makeup water, to heat the feedwater or the deaerator tank, and for other fuel-saving uses. As it recycles waste energy, the BDHR Series cools boiler blowdown to 140°F or less. The modules are available with eight sizes of centrifugal blowdown vessels that range from 8 to 26 in., with capacities from 100 to 100,000 lb/hr. The flash vessel and plate heat exchanger are ASME Section VIII Code stamped for 150 psig at 550°F. BDHR packages include a plate heat exchanger or optional shell-and-tube heat exchanger, pressure relief valve, isolation valve and mechanical or electrical level controls. Optional components include manifolds for balanced flow from multiple boilers. — Spirax Sarco, Inc., Blythewood, S.C.



This descaler is useful in cooling-tower applications

ScaleSolv has been introduced as a non-regulated, inhibited descaler. According to the manufacturer, ScaleSolv offers the following advantages: it is safe on the skin and equipment; it does not cause copper plating on mild steel; and it does not corrode galvanized surfaces and can be safely used in galvanized cooling towers. — WET International Inc., Carol Stream, Ill.



Grab samples of boiler water or steam with these tools

Series 3100 Single Point Sample Conditioning Modules (SCM) provide a versatile tool for lowering the temperature and pressure of single samples in boiler rooms and power plants. The Series 3100 can handle sample conditions of up to 5,000 psig at 1,000°F. and sample flowrates of up to 1,500 cm3/min and beyond. Completely assembled, these modules require only cooling water and sample and drain field connections prior to startup. High temperature shut-off valves and ion-exchange resin columns with auto shutoff valves are some of the available options. Series 3100 SCM are compact (17-in. wide and 27-in. high) and weigh 25 to 65 lb, depending on options. — Waters Equipment Co., Lansdale, Pa.



Control multiple boilers and cooling towers with this system

The WebMaster One is an online process controller for water and wastewater treatment. Cooling towers, boilers, closed loops and condensate lines can be controlled with one system. The WebMaster One can monitor conductivity and pH, as well as many 4–20 mA or digital inputs, such as liquid level, corrosion, inhibitor concentration, temperature and pressure. This system connects with SB plug and play, Ethernet for LAN, modem, or cell modem. — Walchem Corp., Holliston, Mass.




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