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High-capacity twin-screw pumps provide smooth, pulseless flow

| By Chemical Engineering

Michael Smith Engineers

Michael Smith Engineers

The 3P Pera Prinz Twin Screw Pumps (photo) are suitable for fluid-transfer applications that require a self-priming pump that delivers smooth, pulseless flows up to 1,700 m3/h and at pressures up to 55 bars. Recently introduced in the U.K. by this company, these high-capacity pumps are available in a choice of wetted materials. These positive-displacement pumps feature one or two pairs of screws (depending on the model) that are driven by external gearing so the screws never come into contact with each other. This ensures smooth, accurate flows and suitability for pumping shear-sensitive fluids. This twin-screw, ‘non-contact’ design also means high-suction lift capability (typically 7 to 8.5 m), very low NPSH values and less component wear and therefore a longer service life. 3P Prinz Twin Screw pumps are well suited to pumping fluids with low, medium and very high viscosities up to 35,000 cSt. — Michael Smith Engineers, Woking, U.K.