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This high-pressure regulator has three outlets

| By Chemical Engineering



The 1201 high-pressure (HP) regulator (photo) is designed to provide control of the downstream pressure of a gas-flow system. In many gas-flow applications, reducing pressure in multiple stages is important to prevent freezing and cavitation issues. The 1201 HP regulator is suitable for use as a first-stage regulator for reducing the pressure that is input to other pressure-reducing regulators or filters, and also for removing pressure fluctuations. With three outlets, the 1201 HP regulator gives the user the ability to control pneumatic pressure of three other devices. The device provides the option of five different outlet-pressure ranges, and it is simple to change control springs if the need to change outlet-pressure ranges arises. The maximum supply pressure is 5,000 psi, and the 1201 HP can operate between –40 and 225°F. Also, it can function with air, inert gases and natural gas. — SOR Inc., Lenexa, Kan.