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May 2013


May Letters

Lessons learned Your Editor’s Page in today’s Chemical Engineering [March 2013, p.5] intrigued me because…

Small-company safety

Some injuries are permanent; some injuries are total. People who work for, or near, small…

In The News


Making 1,3-PDO from glycerin

The research groups of Keiichi Fujishige at Tohoku University (Sendai, and Daicel Corp. (Osaka,…

May Chementator Briefs

  Heap-leaching for REs Studies conducted by Texas Rare Earth Resources Corp. (Sierra Blanca, Tex.;…

Business News

Technical & Practical

Inline Viscosity Measurements

Inline viscosity measurements can give continuous, realtime readings of a fluid’s viscosity during processing and…

Facts at Your Fingertips

Control Valve Performance

Minimizing process variability is an important component of a plant’s profitability. The performance of control…