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December 2014

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Redesigning our look

Technology continues to change at a rapid pace — particularly when we look at recent…

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Winning with Electrochemistry

These days, the term electrochemistry has become almost synonymous with advanced batteries and energy-storage devices,…


H2 and CO2 from APG  

Last month, Chiyoda Corp. (Yokohama; and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. (Tokyo, both Japan;…

Coating for extremes  

A coating that can protect turbine-engine and waste-incinerator components against heat and oxidation has been…

Sweet surfactants  

A new range of sugar-based surfactants for skin- and hair-care products has been commercialized by…

This antifreeze is edible  

Since 2010, Kaneka Corp. ( and Kansai University (both Osaka, Japan; have been collaborating…

Efficient distillation  

Last month, Toyo Engineering Corp. (Toyo; Chiba, was awarded a contract for a distillation…

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Distillation Column Modeling

Process simulation methods are used to evaluate the performance of proposed distillation systems and improve…


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Current Trends

The preliminary value for the October CE Plant Cost Index (CEPCI; the most recent available)…