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Media Guide – eMedia advertising offerings
The definitive online resource for the CPI

Re-designed to optimize the #1 source for chemical processing engineering information.

Used by engineers and technical decision-makers, offers you a wide range of opportunities to put your advertising message in front of this valuable audience and drive traffic to your own site.


Banner Ads

Put your image front and center for all your buyers to see. You can include it on our newly designed, responsive, website or any e-newsletter of your choice. Just pick an ad size, decide how long you want it to run or how many impressions you would like to capture, and start increasing your brand’s awareness within the CPI! Click here for more information on our responsive website. Click here to contact your sales representative.


Chemical Engineering’s webcasts are an engaging, measurable and cost effective way to reach the CPI. By combining the immediacy of the Internet with the impact of streaming audio, video and live Q&A, Chemical Engineering webcasts provide a dynamic marketing solution that accelerates the lead generation process and produces actionable results. Not only will we assist you in the creation of your presentation and promote it to our email list, your company will get the contact information for all of those who signed up to attend! Click here for more information. Click here to contact your sales representative.


Chemical Engineering DIRECT

Chemical Engineering’s weekly DIRECT e-newsletter is sent to a database of professionals in the CPI, and provides the latest product information, technology updates, trade show information and more. Introduce your products and services with a banner ad, white paper or text ad. Click here to contact your sales representative.


Chemical Engineering FOCUS

It’s all about you! Be the sole sponsor of our vertical FOCUS e-newsletter on the specific topic of your choice to target particular buyers. Fill it with your ads, your company and product description and your contact information. Chemical Engineering provides the editorial content and the readership, and deploys it when you want. Click here to contact your sales representative.


NEW! Decision Briefs- Content Marketing

DecisionBriefs is a dynamic content marketing platform where you can manage all of your content in one place. From social media, to blog posts, to placing articles on industry-leading publications, DecisionBriefs allows you to Create | Distribute | Measure your content cost effectively.

With DecisionBriefs, you can track your marketing ROI and distribute your content anywhere! Create content once, distribute to multiple outlets. You have the keys to update your content any time you want! Click here for more information and details about pricing.

Whiteboard video 1
from DecisionBriefs.

Whiteboard video 2 from DecisionBriefs.


Cascade is a long form, featured web article sponsorship that engages the reader across devices, through the use of responsive web development and in-depth story telling. Utilizing the latest technology in digital design, Cascade brings articles to life by integrating multiple content assets into one unique format. Click here for more information.

Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral targeting uses demographics and behavioral data to determine exactly who is interested in your product or service. Through the use of a more frequent, impactful and targeted campaign plan, your marketing becomes more efficient and effective. This allows us to personalize our readers’ experience whether it is through our website, email, social or mobile – engaging them at every step of the purchasing funnel. Click here for more information.

White Papers

Thousands of industry professionals continue to sharpen their skill set with valuable content on a regular basis –turning to white papers promoted by Chemical Engineering as a main source of reliable industry information. We’ll upload the white paper to our website and send out the link via email to our database. You will be provided with the contact information for anyone who downloads the white paper. Generate profitable leads with this valuable online lead generation tool! Pricing is based on a cost per lead. Click here to contact your sales representative.


We design a customized mini web site with articles, surveys, images, downloadable white papers and links to your web site or specific landing pages. Create a great online presence for your content and brand with access to Chemical Engineering‘s unique web viewers.


Online Survey Sponsorships

Here is your chance to ask our readers about their business, their buying intentions, pertinent industry questions, and more. Tailor a survey to ask as many or as few questions as you would like with a ‘Talk to Us’ mini survey or a full length, more in depth questionnaire. This real time platform lets you communicate directly with your buyers, gathering important information to help drive your business.


Have an original email that you would like to target and deploy to specific titles within the CPI? Work with our marketing and audience development teams to start energizing your direct marketing by renting Chemical Engineering’s email database. Prices are based on a CPM basis. Click here to contact your sales representative.

Custom E-media

Have an original idea that has worked well for your company or want to experiment with a new idea? Let our marketing and technology teams work with you to deploy a fully customizable solution to your specs to reach the global Chemical Process Industries! Click here to contact your sales representative.