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Modular drying systems for extremely dry process air

| By Chemical Engineering

This company’s Dry-Tec product line contains modular systems for use with extremely dry process air, enabling processes to achieve dewpoint temperatures as low as –65ºC, at volumetric flowrates from 500 to 7,500 m3/h. The Dry-Tec product line contains a basic sorption module that is used for adsorption and desorption within the system, as well as the precooler module Cool-Tec V and the aftercooler module Cool-Tec N. The precooler and aftercoult wordcloudoler modules can optionally be equipped with various filtration elements. In addition to achieving low relative humidity, a nearly particle-free process airflow at the entry and exit of the module system can be provided. Due to their compact design and the modular assembly of the overall system, the units can be easily transported and introduced into existing production facilities. All modular Dry-Tec systems are available with stainless-steel housing. — ULT AG, Löbau, Germany