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MOL and Linde Engineering Digitalize Steam Cracker Plant Operations

| By Gerald Ondrey

Linde Engineering GmbH (Pullach, Germany) and MOL Group (Budapest, Hungary) have signed a contract for the digitalization of MOL’s steam-cracker-plant operations at MOL Petrochemicals in Tiszaújváros, Hungary. Linde will deploy its technology and expertise to help MOL optimize the plant operations and improve its energy efficiency.

Linde Engineering will install the software solution Linde Virtual Furnace on MOL’s steam crackers. The solution allows operators to benchmark actual operations against the optimum in real time. MOL steam-cracker plant’s virtual twin will monitor the plant’s operation performance and provide guidance to optimize production efficiency in real time. As a result, Linde’s virtual steam cracker plant will help MOL to increase capacity and product quality while reducing energy consumption and emissions

“Digitalization is an incredible tool for improving operational efficiency. As such, alongside petrochemicals, it is an integral part of MOL Group’s 2030+ Strategy, and it will support us in reaching our vision – to be a highly efficient company and a key player in the low-carbon circular economy in Central and Eastern Europe. Given our 50-year-long successful collaboration, in Linde we have a reliable partner on our transformation journey,” says Gabriel Szabó, executive vice president of MOL Group Downstream.

“We have shown time and time again how we can reduce costs and improve a plant’s environmental footprint with digital tools,” says Thomas Heinzerling, senior vice president Advanced Operations Services, Linde Engineering. “This collaboration will allow us to help MOL improve its operations and to fulfill its ambitious emission reduction goals.” The two companies are evaluating further opportunities to leverage digital solutions for MOL’s process operations in Tiszaújváros.

MOL selected Linde Engineering based on its proven experience gained through operating more than 1,000 process plants across 80 countries, the long-standing relationship since 1972 and the state-of-the- art steam cracking technologies. Linde Engineering built MOL’s first steam cracker plant in Tiszaújváros. Based on this successful project, the two companies established a close long-term cooperation. Linde Engineering was in charge of the plant’s reconstruction and lifetime extension, and in 2005, built the second steam cracker plant for MOL Petrochemicals.