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Monitor chlorine concentration down to 8 ppb

| By Mary Page Bailey

The new ultra-low-range CL17sc online total chlorine analyzer (photo) provides direct chlorine measurements from utility water, product water or wastewater discharge down to 8 parts per billion (ppb) to monitor for chlorine breakthrough and optimize dechlorination processes. The CL17sc is best suited for clean water that is measured for either presence of chlorine at low levels or its absence. It measures total chlorine concentration from 0.008 to 5.0 mg/L. If processes involve reverse-osmosis (RO) membranes or any form of dechlorination, such as chemical (sulfite/bisulfite) or adsorption (activated carbon), the CL17sc can be used to ensure the presence of chlorine at very low levels, or its complete absence, depending on the needs of the process and equipment. — Hach Co., Loveland, Colo.