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Multi-diaphragm dosing pump is virtually maintenance-free

| By Gerald Ondrey

The Chem-Feed CD1 (photo) is engineered to ensure almost no maintenance requirement for the life of the pump. CD1 is suitable for dosing with gas-forming chemicals, such as peracetic acid or sodium hypochlorite. The CD1 Dual Diaphragm Hyperlink Drive Technology pumps chemicals continuously, is self-priming and will not vapor lock. Engineered for zero maintenance, the CD1 includes the patented ultra-durable diaphragm, called DiaFlex, which is an exclusive single-layer diaphragm designed to last the life of the pump. The CD1 has a dosing rate of up to 7.70 gal/h (29.2 L/h) and is easy to install and operate. — Blue-White Industries Ltd., Huntington Beach, Calif.