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A new binder for rotogravure paper coatings

| By Chemical Engineering

WackerVinnapas EF 3101 is a new vinyl acetate-ethylene-copolymer (VAE) dispersion that has been developed specifically for rotogravure paper coatings. The binder has a high level of compressibility and develops a high degree of smoothness, enabling superior print quality, says the company. The dispersion complies with the E.U. ecolabel requirements for graphic paper and different food-contact regulations. That makes Vinnapas EF 3101 particularly suitable for coatings on paper for high-end magazines, catalogs, books and packaging. With a glass transition temperature of 0°C, Vinnapas EF 3101 is a very elastic and flexible dispersion. This offers a very high compressibility that enables good ink transfer from the plate cylinder onto the paper. The new binder provides the coating with good calendered-sheet gloss and high opacity. Surfaces coated with the new binder facilitate a clear, sharp print image with bright colors and good ink gloss. The dispersion shows similar rheology behavior to alternative binders, such as styrene acrylics and styrene-butadiene latexes. — Wacker Chemie AG, Munich, Germany