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New control system for multi-burner applications

| By Chemical Engineering

The Kromschröder BCU 4 Series control platform (photo) for multi-burner applications is designed for directly ignited or pilot/main burners of unlimited capacity in intermittent or continuous operation, and for modulated or step-controlled gas burners. The series consists of three new models. The BCU 460 controls, ignites and monitors modulating or stage-controlled gas burners for intermittent or continuous operation, making it suitable for frequent cycling operations. The BCU 465 incorporates airflow monitoring and pre- and post-ventilation for use with recuperative burners. The BCU 480 can monitor pilot and main burners independently. The BCU 4 Series comes equipped with an ignition transformer, burner control and an embedded human-machine interface (HMI), all arranged within a compact housing. The four-digit display shows vital information, such as program status, unit parameters and flame signals. All models possess a manual mode to adjust the burner and its diagnostics. — Honeywell Process Solutions, Houston