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New Delta Hybrid series

| By Gerald Ondrey

The Delta Hybrid series (photo) offers an innovative solution for the pneumatic conveying of sensitive, powdery and granular media. The rotary lobe compressors or screw blowers can offer maximum energy efficiency, minimum lifecycle costs, 100% pure and reliable process air and high durability even under extreme conditions. Now, the company has expanded the series with a new range of four package sizes. The new additions cover volume flows from approximately 2 to 30 m³/min and drive powers from 7.5 to 55 kW and achieve enormous energy savings of up to 30% compared to a conventional positive displacement blower. Thanks to ATEX certification and hygienic design, the Delta Hybrid machines can be used without any problems in both highly critical, explosive and particularly hygiene-sensitive working environments — Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH, Aerzen, Germany