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Chemical Engineering

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This new gateway is optimized for the process industries

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

With the IE/PB Link HA gateway (photo), highly redundant infrastructures can be implemented based on the open Profinet Industrial Ethernet standard. This ensures uninterrupted system operation because changes can be made to the configuration during ongoing operation. In addition, the gateway is suitable for use in harsh ambient conditions and temperatures from –40 to 70°C. The IE/PB Link HA enables the connection of Profibus (standard for fieldbus communication) field devices to a redundant controller, such as the CPU 410-5H (central processing unit). The CPU as Profinet IO controller treats the connected Profibus DP (Decentralized Peripheral) slaves as field devices with Profinet interface. The IE/PB Link HA is therefore their proxy. Through the use of the IE/PB Link HA as a Profinet S2 device including Configuration in Run (H-CiR), Profibus DP slaves can be connected to a Simatic S7-400H controller — both via an MRP ring and via redundant Profinet infrastructures (R1). — Siemens AG, Munich, Germany