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New metering pump is said to be pulsation-free

| By Mary Page Bailey

New Hydra-Cell P700 Series metering pumps feature a hydraulically balanced, multiple-diaphragm design to provide smooth, linear, virtually pulse-free flow without the need for expensive pulsation dampeners. Employing variable frequency drive (VFD) electronic flow control adjustment, P700 metering pumps deliver precise, accurate flow throughout the turndown range at up to 1,394 gal/h, with discharge pressure ratings to 1,200 psi (83 bars). As part of the full line of Hydra-Cell sealless pumps, the P700 features patented diaphragm position control that protects the pump and enables operation in case of a closed inlet. Since the process fluid is not used for lubrication, the P700 can run dry indefinitely. According to the company, a replenishment valve in every piston assembly ensures optimum actuating oil on every stroke for continuous accuracy. New Hydra-Cell P700 metering pumps are available in a choice of brass, ductile iron, Duplex Alloy 2205, 316L stainless steel and Hastelloy C pump head materials. Several diaphragm and check valve materials of construction allow the P700 to be used in a wide range of processing and other metering applications. The check valve orientation and sealless design enable the P700 to handle abrasive particulates up to 800 microns in size, according to the manufacturer. — Wanner Engineering, Inc., Minneapolis, Minn.