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A new release of this pipeline-management application

| By Chemical Engineering



This company has released Enterprise Pipeline Management Solution (EPMS) R1.03, the latest version of its enterprise-level pipeline applications suite (photo). Developed for deployment in the pipeline operations management environment, EPMS supplements a core SCADA platform with specific gas and liquid applications that enable a pipeline operator to manage delivery contracts and associated logistics in a safe, cost effective and efficient manner. Among the new functionality is enhanced interface management. When transitioning from one product to another in a pipeline, a trans-mix that is of a certain volume and that varies in quality will be formed at the interface between the adjacent fluids. With EPMS R1.03, multiple product cuts from the same interface can be performed, for the easy management of quality gradations. Furthermore, the use of product density meters to detect variations in interface quality based on color and sulfur content is now supported. The new release also offers enhanced batch management. For greater flexibility, continuity and energy efficiency, EPMS R1.03 supports side-stream injection and stripping as a product batch passes an intermediate delivery or receiving site. — Yokogawa Corp., Tokyo, Japan