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New screw compressors with high capacity and low noise

| By Mary Page Bailey

The S-4 Series of screw compressors now includes options for the 45- to 75-kW performance range (photo). All models are characterized by quiet, reliable operation and have high efficiency. The compressors generate high free-air delivery at low specific-power consumption. The energy use of the new 75-kW compressor has been reduced by over 12% compared with its predecessor, while the free-air delivery has increased by almost 9%, according to the manufacturer. The new compressors come standard with low-energy IE4 motors and permanent-magnet motors. The compressors’ vertical-oil separation concept ensures very low residual-oil content, minimal pressure losses and a long service life. The internal cartridge is easy to remove and replace. Maintenance takes place from two sides with just a few simple movements — the intake filter is accessible and both the oil and air coolers can easily be removed and cleaned. Furthermore, the company says it was able to reduce the noise in the 45-kW performance class by more than 8 dB(A). — BOGE America, Inc., Powder Springs, Ga.