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Nuberg EPC wins sulfuric acid contracts in Egypt and Ethiopia

| By Mary Bailey

Nuberg EPC (New Delhi, India) announced winning two Sulfuric Acid plant projects in Gamasa City, Egypt and Oromia, Ethiopia. The 500 ton/d + 5MW Rating STG Set in Egypt and 50 ton/d Sulfuric Acid + 40 ton/d Aluminum Sulfate Revamp Project in Ethiopia have been won on EPC & LSTK basis. The Egypt project is scheduled to be delivered in 22 months and the Ethiopia project in 15 months from the contract LC opening date.

These projects are an acknowledgement of Nuberg EPC’s advanced Sulphuric Acid technology – Double Contact Double Absorption (DCDA) and execution capability. In this process, the product gases Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) and Sulfur Trioxide (SO3) are passed through absorption towers twice to achieve further absorption and production of higher-grade sulfuric acid. Before this, the company has built more than seven Sulfuric Acid plants in Saudi Arabia, India, Egypt, Turkey, Bangladesh, and Oman. Over the years, Nuberg EPC has established itself as a world-class Sulphuric Acid EPC- LSTK supplier. This is also the fifth turnkey project in Egypt. The others include a Caustic Soda plant for the Egyptian Petrochemical Company in Alexandria, a Calcium Chloride plant for TCI Sanmar Chemicals in Port Said, a Sulphuric Acid plant for AGROCHEM in Alexandria, and a 500 MTPD Sulphuric Acid Plant for Sprea Misr in Ramadan City, Egypt.

Sulfuric Acid finds its way in a wide range of applications in the hydrocarbon (oil & gas) industry and is one of the most important industrial chemicals. The major use of sulfuric acid is in the production of fertilizers, in petroleum refining to wash impurities out of gasoline, in derivatives, and other refinery & petrochemical products, in processing metals, and in automobiles as the electrolyte in the lead-acid storage battery. Whereas Aluminium Sulphate is a chemical used as a coagulant in the purification of drinking water, in paper sizing, and other industrial applications in the country.

On being awarded the project, Mr. A. K. Tyagi, MD, Nuberg EPC commented, “We look forward to further strengthen the faith of the clients in our Sulphuric Acid turnkey project expertise and engineering talent. The whole industry faced challenging times last one year and yet we managed to deliver to our commitments in time. We will be looking forward to delivering ahead of schedule for an early start to our clients.”

He further stated, “Nuberg EPC’s scope of services for these projects include Process Design & Technology including Product and Technology Development, Process Know-how & Licensing, Basic Engineering, Front End Engineering Design (FEED), Construction Management, Operation & Maintenance, Detailed Engineering, Project Management, Commissioning, EPC & LSTK Solutions, Heavy Fabrication, and start-up of the plant.”