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Overspeed protection for turbines and pumps

| By Chemical Engineering

1Overspeed protection is a key requirement in industries where failure of the turbine- or pump-speed governing system can lead to rotor damage, with expensive consequences. Independent speed monitoring and protection is therefore an essential requirement to minimize these risks as far as practicable. The Sentry G3 is this company’s latest generation of protection equipment for overspeed-protection applications. The four-channel G3 module has been specifically designed with an independent digital signal processor (DSP) for each channel of measurement, providing ease of scalability in combination with high integrity. The DSP can be software-loaded with the specific measurement algorithm that not only controls the sensor selection, but also the protection relay status and analogue output levels. This provides complete hardware autonomy from sensor through to the protection relay combined with a high channel density (24 channels in a 3U format). — Sensonics Ltd., Berkhamsted, U.K.