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Enhanced Jet Flat Flame Burner

| By Chemical Engineering

GLSF Series


The ZEECO GLSF Enhanced Jet Burner is an ultra-low emissions flat flame burner.


The above pictures are of GLSF flat flame burners in operation in an ethylene cracking furnace. The design allows for flat flame burners to achieve a superior heat flux profile without flame rollover. A major advantage is that the heat flux profile can be changed as required for the specific application with different tip drilling configurations without adversely affecting NOx emissions. The design is currently in service in over 100 ethylene cracking services. Since the heat flux profile can be adjusted for different requirements, the design is also a perfect match for coker, cabin heater, steam super-heater, hydro-cracker and reformer applications.

Design Features

• No flame rollover makes this design superior to competing technologies for ethylene cracking applications

• Great heat flux profile that can be modified for the particular type of application

• Stable flame over a wide range of conditions

• High turndown of 8:1 or greater for most cases

• No stabilization metal used in the burner throat

• Low maintenance cost since gas tip mass is small and exposed into firebox less than 1” (25 mm)

• Compact design makes this burner a great choice for retrofit applications

• Reasonable cost and great value

• Combustion air is controlled by gear driven dampers for precise control

• Bearings are used for the combustion air dampers for smooth, precise operation

• Configurations available: plenum mounted or individual windbox

• Mounting configurations: Horizontal and Vertical

• 310 Stainless Steel (Type HK) gas tips


Click download for the full brochure.