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It’s Time To Look At Projects Differently

| By Chemical Engineering

Unfortunately, most capital projects do not come in within 25% of their approved budget or schedule. On top of that, many of these projects fall short of anticipated production or quality expectations, and the technologies implemented may leave no path forward for future improvement or expansion. To compete globally, look for investments that will improve your operations and maximize profitability. At the same time, lower capital project and ongoing operation costs. Move ahead successfully.

Meet Project Budget Projections

Reduce the potential for budget overruns by forecasting capital project costs more accurately, reducing project risks, and providing more predictable project results — even with multiple owners, engineering contractors, and suppliers.

Achieve Operational Excellence

To meet operational and financial performance expectations — while lowering your total cost of ownership (TCO) — your design must meet operational key performance indicators (KPIs), have lower-than-expected equipment failure rates, and have reasonably priced spare parts stocking with low maintenance costs. Collaborate with Emerson’s knowledgeable experts to create a solution that meets cost projections and long-term operational objectives.

Reduce Project Schedule Risks

Underestimating task times due to insufficient, inaccurate, or late data causes late change orders, rework, and multiple schedule extensions. Other risk factors include insufficient or unqualified implementation resources, and no contingency plans. Early collaboration with experts can put mitigating measures in place to avert these pitfalls.

Expert Help for Every Project Phase

Attain a healthy return on investment by investing up front in comprehensive project planning. Emerson can help in every phase – planning and design, implementing and building, operating and maintaining, improving and modernizing, education and training.

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