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Make your chemical centrifuge ready for the future

| By Chemical Engineering

In the chemical industry, the availability and reliability of your equipment is key if you want to keep producing the purest end product in a way that is also cost-effective. In many agrochemical and base chemical applications as well as pharmaceuticals and technical salts, filter centrifuges like the horizontal peeler centrifuge are well proven in dewatering and drying applications. And with the new Metris addIQ control systems for filter centrifuges, you can make your horizontal peeler centrifuge ready for the future.

The nucleus of this solution is a modular, PLC-based control system that supports you in making best use of your filter centrifuge. In combination with Metris addIQ add-ons and upgrades, the Metris addIQ control system maximizes your machine performance regardless of whether you are using an ANDRITZ filter centrifuge or another make. Of course, this control system is also available as an upgrade for existing filter centrifuges.

Metris addIQ combines all of ANDRITZ’s extensive operating and start-up experience in one tailored automation solution.


If you decide to automate your chemical centrifuge with Metris addIQ, you will be able to enjoy these primary benefits:


       Metris addIQ can be integrated easily into existing or new dewatering lines/plants, ensuring a short start-up time
       With Metris addIQ, high availability and superior performance in operation are guaranteed for all filter centrifuge related functionalities
       You will avoid downtime by benefitting from preventive maintenance alarms and an intuitive machine interface
       With the Metris addIQ Connect feature, your filter centrifuge is ready for remote support to guarantee short response times
       Metris addIQ control systems open the door for all future IIoT solutions

P.S.: If you want to gather more information about the filter centrifuge in the application of technical salts, make sure to read our latest Whitepaper

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Availability and reliability of your equipment is key to cost-effectively keep producing the purest end product. Filter centrifuges like the peeler centrifuge are a proven gadget for dewatering and drying. And with the new Metris addIQ control systems, they made a step forward towards industry 4.0.

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