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Maximum Efficiency: All-New SC-System is Compact and Very Reliable

| By Chemical Engineering

Pepperl+Fuchs makes no compromises when it comes to reliability, and efficiency. This is evident when you take a look at the new SC-System signal conditioners. With high long-term reliability, maximum protection for personnel and equipment, combined with a compact housing design –  the new SC-System signal conditioners were designed with their customer’s needs in mind and demonstrates once again its many years of experience in plant safety. The new SC-System signal conditioners are ideal for general-purpose applications and offer you much more than an absolutely reliable process communication.

Space-saving housing design

Compact design will save you space in your cabinet! The compact housing design of the SC-System enables effective use of cabinet space. With a width of only 6 mm, and low height of 97 mm, the housing reduces the required space to a minimum and ensures compact vertical arrangements. Once more, the modules can easily be placed in tight spaces between cable ducts.

Use in extended temperature ranges

Achieve greater flexibility in extended temperature ranges! The new SC-System signal conditioner line is equipped with a state-of-the-art circuit design without any electrolytic capacitors. These dry out at higher ambient temperatures and lose capacity. Alternative components handle these aging effects. In addition, the low-power design results in a low inherent heating. Due to these features, the modules of the SC-System can operate in a wide temperature range from -25° C to +70 ° C.

Protection of personnel and equipment

Be at ease with maximum security! In many applications, AC-powered devices, such as pumps, motors, and fans are used. Sensors installed inside the devices monitor the temperature, frequency, or vibration. In case of wiring or installation errors, the protection against electric shock is of great importance. With high operating and test voltages of 300 V and 2.5 KV, the galvanically isolated signal conditioners protect personnel and equipment from damage caused by dangerous overvoltages.

The SC-System combines the most powerful features of comparable devices in one product family. Discover the new signal conditioner line and learn everything you need to know at a glance!