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Securing the availability of chemical processes through a long-term partnership

| By Chemical Engineering

In terms of product purity, plant safety, and reliability, chemical manufacturers are operating in one of the most challenging industries. In order to keep production running as well as meeting the highest safety and hygiene standards, selection of the technologies and also the services to go with them must be based on strict process requirements and the characteristics of the chemicals used in these processes. With 150 years of process expertise in the field, ANDRITZ can provide assistance and guidance in selecting the right set-up – without compromise – from a broad technology portfolio and also supply an impressive range of services to go with this set-up.

One of these services are the so-called service level agreements. As keeping your business profitable can be more than a full-time job, especially in difficult situations or industries as challenging as chemicals, ANDRITZ offers you the opportunity to take advantage of our 150 years of OEM experience gained from an installed base of more than 55,000 machines. Our global team of solid/liquid separation specialists can help you increase machine availability and production quality – a machine’s lifecycle long.

• Increased machine availability and production time
• Preventive maintenance features
• Fast and easy emergency support
• Sustainable asset management
• Calculable maintenance costs
• Easy purchasing process
• Transparent documentation for all service interventions

On the spot for you from the other side of the world – via remote connection

With the aid of today’s communication technologies, we can provide support for your equipment via remote connection. This enables you to have emergency support when you need it and keep your machines running. Even if you are not yet profiting from the advantages of remote support today, we can offer you the opportunity to upgrade your control system with a plug-and-play solution called Metris addIQ Connect, providing easy communication with automatic translation service. Additional features such as a control system performance check, reports including predefined KPIs, or the Metris Spare Parts Catalog (easy and fast spare and wear part orders for your chemical centrifuge for example), are included in the basic package. Many more options, like the inclusion of preventive maintenance features like periodical machine-specific inspections, a notification service for critical alarms, or machine and process monitoring, can be included as options to ensure that your production is up and running 24/7.  

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