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PLC-equipped pumping system enables enhanced control

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

DMK SmartPump systems consist of a pump with a programmable logic controller (PLC), which controls the system’s highly advanced servo motor. Motor speed, power consumption and force feedback can be recorded by the PLC, and process information is collected and fed to the operator, who then has complete control of the process. Using that information, the PLC can automatically compensate for changes in the process due to changes in viscosity, pressure, temperature, particle size and so on. This allows the process to keep the flow relatively constant and pulse free. DMK SmartPump technology is able to monitor and measure pumping characteristics without having any sensors immersed in the liquid being pumped. Therefore, the DMK SmartPump technology allows for a vast array of liquids to be pumped without having to worry about sensor wear and tear. DMK SmartPump systems can pump nearly any size particle, with current models allowing for sizes up to 25 mm and future models exceeding 50 mm. In addition, the DMK SmartPump has been proven to pump high-viscosity fluids without the need for a bulk unloader and minimal head. The DMK SmartPump has been tested to pump fluids at pressures of up to 40 bars. — Design Management Konsulting Oy, Kangasala, Finland